Introductory Remarks

1. Introductory Remarks: New SFU City Program Acting Director


Gord Price: This is going to be an extraordinary evening. We chose a theme for this evening and it is transitions – not just the city in transition; not just tonight’s topic – the choice of the new director of planning; but also a transition for the City Program.


I’ve been at this job for ten years and could have retired a couple of years ago. But why would I? This is has been a dream job. I’m amazed that they pay me for it.

It has been remarkable to build on the foundation created by the first director, Judy Oberlander. She provided a solid reputation, and great programs that we’ve been able to build on. Due to circumstance and opportunity, this is just the right time to begin the transition to a new director for the City Program – for me to take a step back and to have an acting director for this interim period. It’s a remarkable pleasure to introduce you to an acting director that I’ll be able to work with as we move the City Program to a new level: Andy Yan

A lot of you know Andy through the media, and you know the remarkable work Andy has done as the chief researcher for BTAWorks. He has a resume longer than most of the speakers we’ve had at the City Program. He’s a planner, from SFU and UCLA, who has worked in many places in North America and around the world. He has a remarkable ability to bridge the needed gap between technology and analysis, explaining it in a way that’s meaningful to people.

We think the City Program will be able to move forward immensely in that area during his time, both in our public programs and opportunities like tonight.

Yan-29thAndy Yan: Thank you, and I want to acknowledge this incredible beacon that Judy Oberlander and Gordon Price have built in the last two decades – a beacon towards what good urbanism could be or should be. Please give them a round of applause.


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