Past Planners & Planning

Future and Past: Planners and Planning in the City of Vancouver

Simon Fraser University’s City Program presented a public conversation on October 29, 2015 with a panel of some of Vancouver’s past senior planners on the challenges that the City’s new planning director must face.

Four former directors of planning were invited to identify the questions we should be asking not just of the candidates but of ourselves:

  • What vision for our city are we asking of our planner, staff and council?
  • How do we generate the enthusiasm and capacity to build partnerships — and a passion for our city and region?


Moderator: Gord Price, Director, SFU City Program

Past City of Vancouver Planning Directors:

  • Ray Spaxman, 1973-1989
  • Ann McAfee, 1994-2006
  • Larry Beasley, 1994-2006
  • Brent Toderian, 2007-2012

Brian Jackson, appointed Director of Planning and General Manager of Planning Development in 2012, announced his impending retirement in July 2015, effective the end of November 2015.

Panel Discussion

About the Event
Event description at the SFU City Program website.

The panel discussion with planners was the third of a series of events on the theme of Vancouver’s Planning Principles and Culture.

Videography and documentation were sponsored by the Vancouver City Planning Commission.